Formations, France
Bordeaux Sciences Agro, France

Our Bachelor of Science program ( is entirely taught in English and 95 % of the students are not French. These students have the opportunity to study at the heart of one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world.

 The duration of the programme is 10 months (full-time format), including a 3-month internship in a winery/vineyard.

 The defining features of this degree are practical work and professional internships, as well as the prominent instructional role of practicing professionals. The teaching approach of this program will be centred on technical knowledge and professional practices.

 This program is a “Licence Professionnelle” - French bachelor's degree program (3rd year university degree), which is internationally recognized. Such programs are ideally suited for students who seek a professional degree at the bachelor’s level and are looking for immediate exposure to the business world, as well as those who want to jump-start their career.

 The degree is intended for students who have completed two years of postsecondary education who want to continue and earn a bachelor’s-level degree of Viticulture and Enology after 10 months of intensive additional study. Applicants should hold a completed 2nd year of undergraduate studies (U.S. associate degree of two years) in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, fermentation and/or food sciences, agriculture, mathematical, and physical sciences.

Application deadline (first call) : 15 March 2019