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Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière, France

The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs - Paris (EnsAD), MINES ParisTech, and Université Paris Dauphine, partners and members of PSL Research University Paris, have come together to create the first public institute of fashion, textile, and materials design, benefiting from the highest level of excellence for each of its components: design with EnsAD; management with Université Paris Dauphine; engineering, materials, production, logistics, and technical and technological innovation with MINES ParisTech.

Thanks to the quality and reputation of its three partner institutions and the high level of training in clothing and textile design that currently exists at EnsAD, this new school is already a reference in the field, nationally and internationally.

The Ecole Nationale de Mode et Matière / Paris Fashion School by PSL, offers Master’s-level programs, summer school classes, as well as continuing education courses, and is developing doctoral-level research programs.

The École Nationale de Mode et Matière / Paris Fashion School by PSL will provide training in every fashion and textile profession (from hand-crafted garments to Haute Couture garments to clothing designed for industrial functions), and will address contemporary questions of production flow and marketing as well as concerns about the world of tomorrow by bringing together the expertise of its three partners. To accelerate the innovation process, its open and communicative approach blends research and training, multidisciplinary dialogue, and exploration of new creative fields.

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